COMPEX Pyrolysis System was Named Best Innovation in Power Industry


The International Award «Distributed Power Generation – Great Achievements» devoted to advanced developments in the sphere of distributed generation took place in the beginning of December in Moscow. Leading experts of Russia's business community, representatives of federal and regional authorities and scientists assessed developments submitted for the competition. COMPEX high-temperature pyrolysis system for power generation was acknowledged as the best development in the category «Advanced Development in the Sphere of Power Industry». This was one of four categories. In total, more than 50 developments of companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus and Germany participated in the competition.

The board of the Award highly appreciated the innovation of COMPEX pyrolysis system as well as its economical efficiency. It allows generating electrical and thermal energy through the recovery of synthesis fuel from virtually and hydrocarbon feedstock. The solution is a single complex for feedstock conditioning, pyrolysis gas generation, combustion in a gas turbine and electricity and heat generation. The system is based on a patented technology of fast high-temperature pyrolysis that ensures efficient processing of various feedstock including wood, turf, shale, coals, manure, agricultural wastes and other biomass. The generated fuel can be used in gas turbine units without any additional treatment. Besides pyrolysis gas COMPEX systems provide the following energy resources: synthetic crude oil and high-carbon material. Through the use of virtually waste material an end user can get electricity cheaper by 2-3 times compared with the utility rates simultaneously eliminating the problem of organic wastes utilization. In some cases it is possible to establish waste-free cycle. For instance, a timber processing facility in Serbia utilizes wood scrap that is used to produce pyrolysis gas, which is used by a microturbine unit. High-carbon material, a by-product of pyrolysis, is sold to other companies as a fuel, and synthetic crude oil is used as a fuel in technological process of the facility.

The COMPEX solution aroused great interest among many Russian and foreign companies. Its implementation facilitates environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of industrial and agricultural enterprises as well as reduces their energy costs.

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